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Hi, I'm Anik,

If you are not a businessman (may be a mother, student, or just a homemaker) or if you are just living a life doing a good job tirelessly (which may be actually a good job, let’s say: you work in Microsoft!), Just think of one moment of your life:

In most of the part of your life, are you ‘Not’ actually working for others (let’s say: your boss) with all of your effort and dedication? So, you are basically chasing someone else's business dream to make it come true so that your boss is happy with your work in the long run, right? Guess what, I have walked the same way as you too.

Also, I bet you have thought thousand times about some side hustle besides your mainstream job which can boost you up financially as well as create scope to go on vacation with your near and dear ones.

In every job you do, unfortunately, there are always some things which are not under your control, as you are not the ‘Boss’. My question to you is: ‘How about being your own boss?’ To be precise, if you really need to work hard to make it successful, why not chase your own dream instead of others? How about imagining a life where you are your own boss, chasing your dreams and creating your success? It's time to take control of your destiny and embark on an exciting journey that can transform your life.

This is Anik, a Ph.D. researcher at Concordia University, warmly welcoming you to embark on a new adventure. Start building your own empire in the digital world of marketing. Let's rock on to fulfilling your dreams and living life on your terms!

Md Shike Bin Mazid Anik

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